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A Binary Game

The sun dispels the shadows where

Malignant darkness once did glare

But from such a space

Not even the light

Can forever dispel the darkness of night,

And sometimes, indebted to darkness are we,

For without it, light we never could see:

No dark without light;

No day without night;

No sun without moon;

No midnight without noon.

And in each of these things white turns to black,

Yet from black to white may quickly turn back.

But where lies the grey in this binary game?

A grey like those clouds bursting with rain

Or the slush of the snow against tarmac again.

Between shadow and light the invisible space:

Not like spectrums of rainbows that children go chase,

But an indescribable, limited place.

An un-sifted lack of colour lurks there:

Neither white, nor black, but barren and bare,

Unheard, unseen, unknowable thing,

Between something and nothing,

Both naught and everything.

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